The Most Important thing about buying a car : From the desk of The Car Man (Don Houston)
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The Most Important thing about buying a car

by The Car Man on 06/24/11

When you walk into a dealershipto purchase a car what is the most important thing to you? The color of the car, the size of the car, the sports car or family car.These are some of the examplesof what is important to the average consumer. The most important thing to you should be the money aspect of the car. The monthly payment is something that you must carefully calculate. Most people just calculate the payment only but you must figure out what your monthly insurance payment is and how much it will cost you to put gas in your car. After you do all that figuring you will be surprised how much your more of a  car payment you will have.

The 2nd thing you must figure out is the resale value of your car. It is very important to know what your car is worth when you decide to trade it in . This is so important that if you miss calculate this it can cause you to be stuck with a car for a lot longer.because you will be so far upside down. Always do your research on the cars that have good resale value. Certain cars to avoid are : discontinued cars and high mileage cars. When you do your research you will be able to see which cars will be better for you.

The last thing and maybe the most important thing is what are your finance terms. As mentioned earlier the monthly payment is important but the actual length of the contract and the interest rate are just as important. The finance term along with the interest rate will determine your long term obligation and the amount of money you pay. YOUR NUMBER ONE OBLIGATION IS TO GET THE LOWEST INTEREST RATE. The finance charge is all the extra money added to your car laon that the bank makes for loaning you  the money. Lastly don't fall in love with a car, fall in love with finance terms that will have the best affect on you.

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